“PMP” the “TANGO” of Global Career Progress!

Individuals who can cost effectively shepherd a project from inception to completion are in great demand in today’s workplace. More than ever, today’s managers are asked to do more with less. Resources are scarce, deadlines are short and budgets have never been tighter. In this environment successful management of a project from beginning to end is very difficult. It requires careful planning and the application of insightful strategies and cutting-edge concepts. Project Managers with PMP certifications are well aware of tools and techniques and knows the resolutions of challenges to demonstrate the project at high standard.

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“TIPS” and “TRICKS” for the “Common PMP Aspirants’ to PASS “PMP Exam”

The target audiences of this post are the common PMP aspirants who are hard working and average intelligent like me! I am sure you deeply desire to be Project Management Professionals (PMP) that’s why you are taking the effort to read this article, but ARE YOU READY for PMP EXAM?
You must keep in mind few things about the PMP exam:

  • Firstly, this is not a test of the information in the PMBOK® Guide!
  • Secondly, you cannot rely on only real-world experience.
  • Thirdly, training in professional project management based on the PMBOK® Guide is significant and you should do it from a good instructor!

As the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam continues to evolve, the way you study for it has to change as well. The exam is a lot harder these days. It covers much more material for and it contains many situational questions where you much assess the project situation. Then you must decide the best course of action. What makes these questions hard is that often all 4 answer choices are partially correct. You need to pick the best answer. The questions have become much more sophisticated. Questions can include distracting information that is not required to answer the question. The exam is also a moving target with 5% of the questions new each month.

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“PMI Membership │ Fee │ Benefits │ Does it WORTH value for MONEY?”

People often question the value of PMI membership and ask whether it’s really worth the fee! Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of the great benefits that the PMI membership offers. We need to know what those benefits are and how we can take best out of it.
“As a PMI member, you’ll gain exclusive access to PMI publications and global standards, plus networking opportunities through ProjectManagement.com and PMI chapters.”

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